For many organisations, SharePoint has become the workplace of choice for all forms of document, scanned or electronic.  However, despite the many advantages in desktop and IT integration this brings, a 'bare' SharePoint installation lacks many of the automation tools people have come to expect in dedicated document capture and management systems.

Focal Point has filled this gap by developing classification, clustering and matching technology that can be embedded seamlessly into SharePoint environments and solutions, creating efficiencies in areas such as workflow automation, e-discovery and taxonomy consolidation.  The functionality can also be accessed 'on demand' direct from the SharePoint Workspace to perform ad hoc tasks such as auto-indexing documents with the relevant business data, or moving documents to type-specific folders.

Our technology is built on the .NET framework and can be deployed directly as an API or as a service via Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), so integrates and scales naturally with the SharePoint infrastructure.  We can provide off-the-shelf, partner-created or custom solutions built for your specific needs within the SharePoint environment.

Examples of our SharePoint-based solutions include:

  • Powerful auto-categorisation technology trained and deployed directly within the SharePoint Workspace using our Document Analysis SDK.
  • A full SharePoint-based document capture solution, leveraging the existing SharePoint infrastructure and business rules. Documents can be classified, indexed and validated directly within SharePoint.  Why spend time and money learning and working with front-end capture platforms, proprietary scripting and custom user interfaces, when with the right core technologies, your existing SharePoint infrastructure and your in-house .NET skills you can have a more versatile, better integrated and more manageable solution?

Please contact us to learn more about how our document automation technology can be deployed within a SharePoint environment.