Document Analysis SDK

Focal Point's technology for understanding and processing the content of documents is available as the Document Analysis SDK.  Callable directly using a .NET API or via a web service interface, the toolkit provides the core technology required to embed sophisticated document processing technologies into any system, whether it's a dedicated capture platform, a content management system or a specialised business application.

Key features of the Document Analysis SDK are:

  • Ability to quickly and accurately classify documents based on their textual content or visual layout
  • Self-learning technology that can learn distinguishing features of documents with no manual configuration required
  • Reports on which set of words/features are key for any particular document type avoids the 'black box' issue inherent in some self-learning technologies
  • 'Auto-tuning' so that automation rates can be maximised without sacrificing accuracy
  • Robust online learning means that classification can learn 'on the fly', and be deployed with no up-front training
  • 'Find similar' function gives the ability to quickly locate similar documents within a large corpus
  • Automatic clustering provides the ability to find patterns and categories within document repositories without pre-indexing
  • Auto-indexing functionality allows key data within a document to be located and extracted based on its format and relationship to the surrounding content
  • Analyses tabular data and matches it to a pre-defined structure for ease of import into business systems such as ERP
  • Database matching allows documents to be matched to records (e.g. in a customer database) with minimal configuration
  • Operates directly on a wide variety of document formats, including PDF and Excel Spreadsheets, allowing both scanned and electronic documents to be handled with ease
  • Uses a multi-threaded architecture fully compatible with large-scale server deployments.

Please contact us for a free evaluation copy of the toolkit, and pricing information.